Iraqi fighter jets target ISIS hideouts in Diyala governorates

Iraqi fighter jets target ISIS hideouts in Diyala governorates

Shafaq News / The Joint Operations Command reported on Sunday that Iraqi fighter jets launched airstrikes targeting ISIS elements in Diyala Governorate, resulting in the destruction of two terrorist hideouts and the killing of those inside.

The Operations Command stated, "In conjunction with the ongoing operations in Diyala, Jazeera, and Wadi al-Tharthar areas in Saladin, which have achieved fruitful results by destroying the enemy's hideouts, facilities, weapons, equipment, and various supplies."

"Precision airstrikes, the latest of which occurred after midnight yesterday, resulted in the killing of two terrorist groups," as part of the second phase of the "Promise of the Right" military operations.

The statement continued that "to enhance and sustain preemptive operations and continuous pressure on the terrorist elements of ISIS gangs, units of Saladin and Kirkuk operations command, and eastern Saladin 'Tuz' under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and under the supervision and planning of the Joint Operations Command, launched the third phase of the Promise of the Right operations early Sunday morning."

ISIS in Iraq continue to pose a significant security threat, despite its territorial defeat in 2017.

Its militants operate clandestinely, carrying out attacks against civilians, security forces, and infrastructure, particularly in areas with weak governance or ongoing instability.

They utilize guerrilla tactics, including ambushes, assassinations, and bombings, to destabilize the region and maintain a presence.

Iraqi security forces are actively engaged in counterterrorism operations to dismantle ISIS networks and prevent further attacks.

However, their ability to exploit local grievances makes eradicating them a complex and ongoing challenge for Iraqi authorities.

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