Erbil issues clarification about stop sending eggs to Sulaymaniyah in response to the gas


Shafaq News / The local government in Erbil governorate, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, denied on Tuesday news circulating about stop sending eggs to Sulaymaniyah in response to a known force preventing the delivery of liquid gas.

The government made clear in a statement today that for the purpose of covering up what a well-known force did in preventing gas from reaching citizens, a group of pages posted on social media sites that Erbil ordered to prevent sending eggs to Sulaimaniyah.

The government explained that this news is false, fabricated, and contrary to the truth, because the two provinces have taken what is necessary in how to deliver eggs from Erbil to Sulaymaniyah.

It should be noted that Erbil has witnessed scarcity in cooking gas for days  as the price of one cylinder reached about 18,000 Iraqi dinars, after it was 7500 dinars, according to the official price.

On Sunday, Kurdistan Regional Government spokesman , Jutiar Adel attributed the high prices of cooking gas in Erbil and Duhok governorates to influential people in Sulaimaniyah and Karmian administration preventing this material from reaching Erbil and Duhok by using weapons and intimidation.

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