Showcasing the car of Iraq's last king, Erbil hosts a class car exhibition


Shafaq News/ A classic car exhibition, featuring King Faisal II's car was held on Thursday in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

The exhibition was part of the March and Newroz Festival, which started last Saturday.

According to Shafaq News Agency correspondent, the classic car exhibition showcased a number of classic cars owned by local citizens, some of which were manufactured in the 1940s.

The car of King Faisal II, Iraq's Last king, on display at the exhibition, belongs to the Kurdish writer and intellectual Khasraw Jaff, who has kept it for 40 years in Erbil.

The March and Newroz Festival began on March 11 in Erbil to celebrate the Newroz National Day of the Kurds and other peoples. The festival started with the unveiling of the "Kheja Bawa" mural, the first female martyr of the 1991 uprising in the Kurdistan Region.

The festival will continue until March 20, celebrating the spring and Newroz holidays.

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