President Barzani reiterates the region's commitment to the workers' legitimate demands


Shafaq News/ Kurdistan's President, Nechirvan Barzani, on Sunday reiterated the region's commitment to the workers' legitimate demands, urging the labor syndicates and organizations to organize their work to preserve their rights.

President Barzani's remarks came in an open letter issued by the region's presidency on the International Workers' Day, May 1st.

"I offer my warmest greetings to Kurdistan's workers, their syndicates, and organizations, and the workers of Iraq and the world in general," President Barzani said, "aside from their crucial and vital role in the community and sacrifices they offered in their effective participation in the struggle with the Peshmerga forces, the workers played a remarkable role in the reconstruction of the country."

"The rights of the workers shall be respected, their lives and dignity shall be preserved," he said, "the workers' organizations shall be more active and better organized to be better guards for their rights, entitlements, and guarantors for their work in better conditions."

"We affirm our support for the legitimate demands of the workers. The relevant institutions in the region shall account for the living conditions of the workers, try to improve them, and take care of the families of the workers who died on duty."

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