President Barzani on Newroz: lets work together for peace and stability 


Shafaq News/ The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, on Sunday offered greetings to the Kurds on the Newroz (Nawroz), calling for unity to preserve the constitutional status of the Kurdistan Region.

"On the occasion of Nawroz and the Kurdish New Year, I offer my warmest wishes to the families of the fallen heroes, to the Kurdish people, and to all peoples and communities of Kurdistan and its brave Peshmerga. I wish everyone a peaceful and happy holiday," he said in a statement issued by his Region's Presidency on Sunday. 

"I ask my fellow citizens to protect the environment while traveling in the countryside to celebrate Nawroz, and to plan eco-friendly outdoor activities in the beautiful nature of Kurdistan," he said, "at the same time, all of us need to continue following the instructions for precautionary measures and personal protection against infections." 

"Nawroz is the start of a new year embodying resilience and confidence. At the individual level, Nawroz should encourage us to renew our mind and vision; it should become a new beginning for our lives and relations; a new start for peace, hope, optimism and our ways to approach the events around us."

"At the public level, it is the collective responsibility of all political sides and communities in Kurdistan to stay united and work together to face the hardships cooperatively and to triumph over the challenges," the President continued, "Preserving the rights and achievements of the Kurdistan Region and promoting its constitutional, political and federal status are the outcomes of the collective struggle of all the people of Kurdistan; and likewise, it is all our joint duty to take the steps forward towards a brighter future together."

"On this occasion, we reiterate that the Kurdistan Region remains willing to resolve all differences with Iraq’s federal government through dialogue and on the basis of the constitution," he added, "We will remain a reliable partner in finding solutions to Iraq’s problems, and in supporting peace and stability in the country." 

"From Kurdistan, the land of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, we extend our Nawroz greetings to the peoples of Iraq and the region, to the world and the friends of Kurdistan around the globe, and to the United Nations which proclaimed the International Nawroz Day. Let us work together for peace and stability."

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