Peshmerga Ministry on "Clothes Burning" incident: the martyrs' families are a crown of our head


Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Peshmerga expressed on Wednesday its displeasure over the incident that took place after a charitable organization offered "worn out" clothes to the families of the Peshmerga Martyrs.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the ministry said that an international charitable organization distributed a set of clothes as an aid to the families of the Peshmerga martyrs in the war against ISIS. The aid contained different types and sizes of "worn out" clothes that aroused dissatisfaction among the martyrs' families.

The ministry resented the dead, "the families of the victims of the Peshmerga martyrs deserve much more. They are crowns of our heads, and we aim to serve them in every way".

Earlier today, tens of families of the Peshmerga forces' martyrs burned "old and worn out" clothes they received from a charitable organization.

The Non-Governmental Organization "Regay Sarkawtin", "The Road to Success", in Duhok had informed 230 families of the Peshmerga martyrs who perished in the war against ISIS that they will provide them with US-financed humanitarian aid.

A relative to a martyr told Shafaq News Agency reporter, "This is an insult to the families of the martyrs. Unfortunately, there are still people who exploit the blood of our husbands at a time our children need everything."

Shafaq news agency was unable to reach the organization to obtain a comment.



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