Kurdistan President plans extensive political meeting on elections

Kurdistan President plans extensive political meeting on elections
Kurdistan President plans extensive political meeting on elections

Shafaq News/ On Thursday, Jabar Yawar, former secretary general of the Kurdish Ministry of Peshmerga, disclosed the Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani's intention to convene political parties for a comprehensive meeting next week.

During a press conference, Yawar revealed that the Kurdish political leaders held bilateral discussions with the Region's president and representatives from various countries focusing on the elections. 

Despite announcing challenges regarding elections, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) stressed the importance of these discussions; therefore, Yawar expected an extensive meeting led by President Barzani to resolve disputes surrounding the elections in Kurdistan.

In March 2023, KDP decided to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region, warning of potential withdrawal from Iraq's political process.

KDP denounced the decisions made by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court regarding the Kurdistan Region elections. 

Last February, Iraq's Supreme Court issued rulings, including canceling the 11 seats of minorities in the Kurdish Parliament, Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission to take over from KRG's electoral commission to supervise parliamentary elections, and dividing Kurdistan into four constituencies instead of the single-constituency system in previous elections. 

Notably, Kurdistan's autonomy is protected by the Iraqi constitution, ratified in 2005, ensuring the political and economic rights of approximately six million residents in the Kurdistan Region. Nonetheless, there has been a significant lack of trust between the Kurdistan Region and the central government in Baghdad in recent years, mainly regarding elections, oil exports, and salaries of Kurdish employees.

One of the main issues that could empower the federal government is the political division in Kurdistan.

KDP is predominantly governed the Region, yet the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) wields considerable influence in both political and military realms within the Region.

Their relationship has been strained for years, primarily concerning power and revenue distribution issues.

Despite the KDP's reservations about the elections, PUK affirms its full readiness.

"The Kurdistan Parliament elections will be held as scheduled. Anything else is not an option for us," Bafel Talabani, PUK head, said.

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