Kurdish political forces aim for change in Khanaqin

Kurdish political forces aim for change in Khanaqin

Shafaq News / Major Kurdish forces in Khanaqin, northeast of Diyala, have announced the adoption of modern and non-conventional grassroots communication methods, distancing themselves from routine practices and issues. They express their ambition to secure two seats in the upcoming Provincial Council.

Iyad Kirkuki, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s media committee in Diyala, informed Shafaq News Agency "We have initiated a strong election campaign in Khanqin, employing candidates with expertise and a proven track record. We will be organizing a celebration for the list next week."

The election campaign in Khanaqin has progressed smoothly without problems or obstacles, aiming to obtain a seat in the Provincial Council to address the significant challenges faced by the region.

Kirkuki mentioned that their party's list includes 16 candidates, all affiliated with the Democratic Party, without forming alliances with other forces. This approach aligns with the party's objectives in the crucial upcoming elections for Khanaqin's residents.

He emphasized, "Our goal revolves around the Kurdish cause and the issues specific to Khanqin and its surroundings. We aim to restore normalcy and rectify misguided paths, collaborating with all segments of society, including academia."

On the other side, Ibrahim Aziz, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan - Khanqin Center, described their party's election campaign as "progressive and gradually evolving, breaking away from routine and conventional methods" across the disputed areas in Diyala.

Aziz, speaking to the agency, stated that the election mechanism encourages the public to vote for the list as a whole, rather than individual candidates. This approach aims to remove personal objectives from the electoral process and focuses on addressing the region's service-related challenges. It does not promise appointments or favoritism, concentrating instead on improving the service sector in coordination with relevant authorities, without exempting any area within the Kurdish-populated zones.

He asserted that the current election campaign is the most effective, considering Khanqin's present circumstances, and anticipates winning two seats for the Kurds in the Provincial Council. He highlighted the Union's substantial popular influence in the disputed areas of Diyala.

In Diyala Province, 318 candidates are competing in the local elections scheduled for December 18, including 50 candidates representing Kurdish parties. Eight parties and seven coalitions are participating, with one independent candidate. Approximately 980,000 eligible voters will choose 15 members for the next Diyala Council, following a 50% reduction in the council's seats.

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