KRG is a successful model for combating COVID-19, MoH says


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government has spent more than 100 billion dinars to combat the Coronavirus pandemic over the past two years, the Region's Minister of Health (MoH), Saman Barzanji, said earlier this week.

Minister Barzanji's remarks came in a report he presented before the cabinet at its regular meeting on Wednesday.

The Minister said that the Kurdistan Region's model in combating the Coronavirus was a success in accordance with the international standards.

Barzanji said that the Ministry registered 412,493 COVID-19 cases since the emergence of the virus in the Region, of whom 46,845 were provided medical care as inpatients and a total of 386,961 achieved full recovery.

The report shed light upon the Omicron variant spread in the Kurdistan Region, the public servants' compliance with KRG's vaccination plans, and the preparations for the resumption of the in-person teaching process.

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