Kurdistan MoH reveals the fate of the 37 million dollars allocated to confront COVID-19


Shafaq News / The Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government denied what was reported about the fate of 37 million dollars allocated by the regional government to confront COVID-19, confirming that the amount is disbursed directly to the health directorates and has nothing to do with the ministry's disbursement.

A statement by the Minister of Health's press secretary said that one of the social media sites published an article entitled "What did the Minister of Health do with the 37 million dollars allocated to confront COVID-19?". Although there is no urgent need to respond to such misleaders, the public and the citizens must know about this.

The statement said that the success of the Kurdistan Region's experience in facing COVID-19 is great, announcing that the amount allocated to confront the virus by the Kurdistan Regional Government is provided monthly by the Ministry of Finance and delivered directly to the General Health Directorates like any other budget, and the Ministry of Health spends not even one cent or dinar of it.

With the support of the citizens and the regional government's eagerness, Kurdistan is still among the first countries to reduce the spread of the virus, the statement added.

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