KDP Bloc condemns Halabja attack

KDP Bloc condemns Halabja attack

Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in Kurdistan Parliament condemned on Friday the armed attack on the 12th Branch Building in Halabja Governorate.

The bloc described the attack as "cowardly", calling on the security services “to fulfill their duty to prevent such actions.”

According to KDP statement, more than 70 similar attacks hit the party headquarters in areas under the influence of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Halabja, Al-Sulaymaniyah, Garmyan, and Raparin, pointing out that the Bloc will conduct a parliamentary follow-up on this issue.

Earlier, an official of the 12th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Halabja Governorate, Bassam Ali, said that there is a political role in targeting KDP building.

"We do not have any personal or partisan problems with any party, so the shooting at the branch building is politically motivated, and such incidents should end," Ali said in a press conference held today.

He announced that a complaint had been filed in this regard, “we will wait the results of the security forces investigation.”

Ali expressed his regret at the frequent shooting incidents at KDP headquarters in Halabja calling on the security authorities “to put an end to this matter.”

“If the security forces worked seriously they will the perpetrators. Previously, other incidents occurred and the perpetrators were able to be identified within hours.” He added.

Unidentified persons opened fire on Friday at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Halabja governorate, a spokesman for the Police Directorate said.

Barzan Othman told Shafaq News Agency that at 0100 a.m., unidentified men riding a motorbike and a car opened fire on the 12th branch of KDP in Halabja, without causing any casualties.

He added that the Branch guards responded to the attackers, who fled to an unknown destination.

An investigation will be opened into the incident

The Kurdistan Democratic is the largest party in Iraqi Kurdistan (45 parliamentary seats) and the senior partner in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

It’s headed by the former President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani.

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