Goma-Span Dam: Transforming Water Resources and Boosting Development in Erbil


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Monday the progress in constructing the Goma-Span Dam in Erbil Governorate, stating that it is now 50% complete. Once finished, it will be the largest dam in the province and the third largest in the region, following the Dukan and Darbandikhan dams.

Abdullah Hamad Gardi, the director of the company responsible for the project, said the construction cost about 95 billion dinars, and it stands at a height of 70 meters with a length of 512 meters.

The dam is designed to store 115 million cubic meters of rainwater, utilizing concrete (ARCESI) in its construction, a first in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The Goma-Span Dam will cover an area of 6,125,000 square meters.

Gardi emphasized that work is ongoing and highlighted the significant role the dam will play in preserving water resources, increasing the groundwater level, and combating drought.

Moreover, it will serve as a vital source of clean water for Erbil and contribute to the revitalization of the tourism sector in the region.

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