Erbil launches a campaign to assess the quality of fuel


Shafaq News / The commissioner of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region, Nabz Abdulhamid, announced on Tuesday launching a campaign to assess the quality of Fuel in gas stations.

Abdulhamid said in a press conference held today and attended by a reporter of Shafaq News agency, "We urge the gas stations to cooperate with us in the procedures for checking gasoline because from now on we are fining and penalizing violating stations". 

"Apart from this, these measures will include gasoline sales yards as well because they are manipulating them. This leads to a disruption in the domestic generators when they use this substance", he added.

Abdul-Hamid noted, "today we launched a large campaign to check the quality of gasoline. We hope that there will be cooperation from the gas stations with the inspection teams."

Some citizens' cars were burned due to the poor quality of gasoline used by gas stations. 

According to statistics, there have been 189 car burn accidents this year in Kurdistan region.

According to specialists, the main reason for burning cars is the presence of a large percentage of gases in gasoline.

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