Electoral showdown for Fayli representation in Wasit

Electoral showdown for Fayli representation in Wasit

Shafaq News / As the local elections scheduled for December 18th approach, electoral competition intensifies in Wasit Province, particularly among five Kurdish candidates vying for the minority quota seat. The Kurdish Fayli population constitutes over 25% of the total population of Wasit, exceeding 300,000 individuals, according to former Wasit Provincial Council member representing the Kurdish Fayli quota, Haider Hisham Al-Fayli.

With more than 740,000 eligible voters in Wasit Province, the electoral process is underway, with over 12,000 individuals having updated their information, marking a 74% completion rate, according to Adel Mohammed Jani, the media officer of the Wasit Elections Office.

Notably, five male candidates are competing for the Kurdish Fayli seat, while Kurdish Fayli women are part of broader electoral lists, enhancing their chances with four seats allocated for women at the province level.

Discussing the prominent competition, Wasit Province Deputy Basim Nghaemsh highlighted the dynamics of tribal and party affiliations driving citizen participation, while noting the absence of the Sadrist Movement might lead to lower voter turnout compared to previous elections.

The major contenders in Wasit Province are the lists of "Wasit the Most Beautiful," "State of Law," and "We Build." For the Kurdish Fayli seat, the competition is between candidates from "Wasit the Most Beautiful" and "State of Law."

Former Wasit Provincial Council member representing the Kurdish Fayli quota, Haider Hisham Al-Fayli, expressed concern about the inadequate representation of Faylis in Wasit. He argued that Faylis deserve more than one seat, especially since the current seat is not legally protected. Al-Fayli stated that political parties in Iraq are vying for seats representing minority components, and independent Fayli candidates must align with a party to secure the seat.

As per the new law for the Iraqi parliamentary and provincial council elections, Iraq's provincial councils consist of 275 seats, with 75 designated for women and 10 for minority components. Among the minorities, there are two seats each for Christians, Kurds (Fayli), and Sabaeans-Mandaeans, and one seat each for Yazidis and Shabak.

It's worth noting that elected provincial councils play a vital role in selecting governors and executive officials, possessing the authority to dismiss and appoint, and approving project plans based on the allocated budget from the federal government in Baghdad, as outlined in the constitution.

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