COVID-19: 566 cases, 16 deaths and 164 recoveries in Kurdistan today


Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Wednesday registering 566 new cases and 164 recovery cases over the past 24 hours.

The ministry said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, that the new cases were distributed as follows: 389 Erbil, 54 Al-Sulaymaniyah, 27 Garmyan and 69 Duhok.


164 has achieved full recovery from the virus according to the statement, distributed as follows: 93 Erbil, 31 Garmyan, 25 Duhok and 15 Halabja.


16 deaths were registered, as follows: 9 Erbil, 3 Al-Sulaymaniyah, 1 in Garmyan, 1 in Halabja and 2 in Duhok.


The net count of COVID-19 cases registered in the region since the beginning of the outbreak has reached 18766; of which 7270 were in Erbil, 9505 were in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 1393 in Duhok and 598 in Halabja.


The total number of recovery cases is 10644; distributed as follows: 3886 in Erbil, 5721 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 533 in Duhok and 504 in Halabja.


7436 COVID-19 patients are still under treatment; distributed as follows: 3181 in Erbil, 3323 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 849 in Duhok and 83 in Halabja.


The death toll from the virus in the region stood at 686. 203 of which were in Erbil, 461 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 11 in Duhok, 11 in Halabja.

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