A joint committee from Kurdistan and Iraq's parliament to assess damages inflicted by the Turkish offensive in Duhok


Shafaq News/ A joint delegation from the Parliaments of Iraq and Kurdistan will embark on a visit to Duhok to draw up a report on the situation in the border territories in light of the ongoing tension between the Turkish army and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

The member of Kurdistan's Parliament Committee for the Peshmerga Affairs, MP Reving Herori, said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency that the visit will last for two days, after which it will submit, to both Kurdistan and Iraq's Parliament, an assessment report on the damages in the villages of the border territories witnessing the conflict between Turkey's armed forces and the PKK. 

On the Turkish Offensive, Herori said, "from our experience with the Turkish army's movement, their plans are always multi-phased. A few years back, the Turkish army penetrated the Iraqi territory without approaching the villages. Last year, it approached villages in Zakho, Sharanish and Begova. Today, they are near villages in Kani Masi."

The Turkish offensive in the territory of the Kurdistan Region against the PKK fighters has resulted in the displacement of 300 Kurdish families from their villages in Kani Masi, Begova, and Darkar, in addition to damaging and burning thousands of agricultural and forestry dunums.

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