America ready to take an international decision regarding targeting Iraqi protesters and activists

America ready to take an international decision regarding targeting Iraqi protesters and activists

Shafaq News / The US State Department renewed its call to stop targeting protesters in Iraq, while expressing its readiness to mobilize international public opinion about the ongoing systematic killings targeting activists in the movement in Iraq.

"When people protest peacefully, we are convinced of the freedom of self-determination for them," said ministry spokeswoman Morgan Otagos in a statement to the US-funded "Al Hurra" TV channel, stating that "countries should allow the protesters to express their opinion, they demand good government and transparency and we support all of these are in the countries of the world, including Iraq, because they want to hold governments accountable. "

"We want governments to undertake a reform process, to act responsibly, and to be held accountable anywhere in the world," she said, adding, "We support peaceful protesters who are trying to improve their standard of living."

Regarding the killing of activists in Iraq, Otagos said: America cannot always guarantee the security of people completely, but we can work with the Europeans and with other democratic countries in the world by bringing them together in the United Nations and in international forums, and we call for accountability for these regimes that kill peaceful demonstrators, Saying: We will continue to push diplomatically in this field.

On Wednesday, the UN mission to Iraq, "UNAMI", said that militias targeted and kidnapped prominent activists in the Iraqi demonstrations.

In its third report on the protests in Iraq released yesterday, the mission said it had received credible information that demonstrators and prominent activists had been targeted and arrested by security forces and groups described as "militia."

"Credible information also indicates that security forces arrested people from their homes and their vehicles and held them in solitary confinement during the investigation, and their detention may have been on grounds of national security," the mission added.

On the basis of this information, the mission added, "groups that have been described as" militia "have kidnapped at least five prominent activists and demonstrators in Baghdad and held them in solitary confinement in unofficial detention sites for several days while being interrogated."

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