Minister Hussein: Baghdad decides on the presence of U.S. forces

Minister Hussein: Baghdad decides on the presence of U.S. forces

Shafaq News / Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, emphasized on Thursday that Iraq does not seek to create a chaotic situation in its relations with Washington.

He pointed out that Baghdad determines the necessity of the presence or withdrawal of U.S. forces. In an interview with "Al-Arabiya" and "Al-Hadath" channels, Hussein stated that Iraq determines the need for the presence of U.S. forces and emphasized that the international coalition forces are in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Hussein stressed the avoidance of creating chaos in relations with Washington, emphasizing the importance of internal readiness before initiating negotiations on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. He stated that decisions regarding withdrawal or scheduling of withdrawal will be made based on negotiation outcomes.

Regarding previous negotiations, Hussein mentioned past talks and a military-security delegation in Washington months ago. While negotiations paused, ongoing dialogue is assured, and a date for the commencement of negotiations will soon be announced at any level and in any form.

He affirmed to Washington that the Iraqi government is committed to de-escalation, expressing concern over recent unacceptable events, including attacks and counterattacks. He stated that attacks on military bases should be addressed by both parties, and the Prime Minister is working consistently to communicate with all parties to achieve de-escalation.

Highlighting regional changes post the Gaza war, Hussein clarified that the decision for war is governed by the constitution and law, noting that Iraq, in need of security and stability, is not a proponent of war.

The Minister underscored that any breach of Iraq's security situation, whether internal or external, is not tolerated. Regarding attacks in the Kurdistan region, he emphasized that assaults impact overall Iraqi security, stressing the inseparability of Kurdistan's security from that of Iraq.

He noted that part of Iraq's challenges stems from the U.S.-Iranian conflict, warning that this conflict will have repercussions on the Iraqi scene, and pointed out that Iraq's internal issues are linked to neighboring countries, mentioning intensive meetings in Turkey to reach a security agreement similar to the one with Iran.

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