Iraqis react to the US Ambassador's Tweet

Iraqis react to the US Ambassador's Tweet

Shafaq News/ The US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina L. Romanowski, called her followers on Twitter to interact on her official page to find the "best" engagement with the Iraqi culture. 

"Today, I reached 30,000 followers on Twitter – thank you! As US Ambassador, I am making it a priority to learn more about #Iraqi #people – and experience your country & #culture firsthand. Leave a comment below telling me where I should go & how I can best engage Iraqi culture." She said.

The Tweet drew mixed reactions and sparked controversy among the followers, but most of the comments offended the American policy in Iraq.

Omar Al-Janabi, an Iraq civil society activist, called the US Ambassador to stop acting as a "blogger," holding the United States responsible for founding "militias" and the "failed System" in Iraq.

Ahmad Hassan tweeted that Iraq, for 20 years, has sought democracy but to no avail.

"Your days are few in Iraq. The Iraqi people do not welcome you." An account said.

"Congratulation although u represent a nation that should know hoe (how) to deal with the situation in Iraq but unfortunately have no idea how to do that. Sadly u are reacting and not acting! U r becoming more and more a part of the mentality of the problem not the solution." Ali Hekmeit tweeted.

In contrast, some Iraqis welcomed Romanowski's words.

"The Iraqis are so kind and generous and feel proud of being one of cradles of civilizations (Mesopotamia) that humans ever know. We have the motivation and power of not giving up regardless of all invasions, hatred, torture, mass violence, and destruction." Ihsan Albazi.


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