US Ambassador to Iraq: Washington will work with the new government based on the mutual interests

US Ambassador to Iraq: Washington will work with the new government based on the mutual interests

Shafaq News/ United States Ambassador to Iraq, Alina L. Romanowski, indicated on Saturday that her country has five mutual interests with Baghdad, pointing out that the Strategic Agreement would guide the relations with the new Iraqi government.

“The Strategic Framework Agreement will guide our relations with the new Iraqi Government Progress on our mutual interests matters to Iraqis: an Iraq that combats corruption & creates jobs, a stable Iraq with strong government security institutions & no ISIS, & an Iraq resilient vs climate change.” The US Ambassador said on Twitter.

Earlier, Romanowski praised the pledges of the Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani about the future of Iraq.

"I welcome PM-designate Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani's pledge to fight corruption, to defend Iraqi sovereignty+security, and to form a government dedicated to serving the people of Iraq." Romanowski said on Twitter.

"The US is committed to supporting and partnering with the new Iraqi Government to advance these shared goals." She added.

On Thursday, Iraq's parliament elected Kurdish politician Abdul Latif Rashid as president, who immediately named al-Sudani prime minister-designate, ending a long deadlock after a national election last year.

Iraq's Prime Minister-designate said in a speech he delivered following his designation, "It is an honor to hold such a great responsibility to serve the people, perform our duties, and pay Iraq and its people's debt."

The new Prime Minister expressed readiness to cooperate with all political parties, adding, "We will not allow exclusion and marginalization. Disagreements created gaps inside state institutions and made Iraqis miss out on many development and construction opportunities."

He said, "I announce full readiness to start a serious dialogue and a new chapter to serve our people and end its suffering," pledging to put all efforts into forming a strong government."

"Combatting corruption will be a priority," the new Prime Minister said, noting that the government will work to address the pending differences between Baghdad and Erbil based on the Iraqi constitution.

"We have great challenges and concerns, but also a great determination. We will fulfill our responsibilities with a sincere patriotic spirit and clean hands", he concluded.

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