Iraqi detainee in UAE Basim Al-Jubouri released today

Iraqi detainee in UAE Basim Al-Jubouri released today

Shafaq News / The Emirati authorities released Basim Rahim Al-Jubouri, a 41-year-old citizen from Karbala province, after detaining him for 45 days in Dubai due to his posting of a "spontaneous" video about the UAE.

Al-Jubouri's family thanked Shafaq News Agency for following his case and advocating for his release.

Basim's brother, Abbas Rahim Al-Jubouri, told Shafaq News Agency, "Basim was released yesterday, and upon his release from prison, he was received by Jamal Al-Qaisi, a sheikh from Ramadi residing in Dubai and holding Emirati citizenship, who escorted him to Dubai International Airport."

He added, "Basim arrived at Baghdad Airport at 6:30 PM yesterday, where he was received by Deputy Dhiya Al-Hindi, who escorted him to his home." Abbas emphasized that "the Emirati authorities did not impose any penalties on my brother." He expressed gratitude to Shafaq News for "following his brother's case during his detention in Dubai."

The surprise in the case, according to Abbas, was that "the Emirati authorities did not impose any penalties on my brother." While he clarified that "the duration of detention was 45 days," he thanked Shafaq News agency "for its coverage of his brother's case throughout his detention in Dubai."

Basim appeared in a video standing by a street with a water pool behind him, where the water covered and flooded the sidewalk. He said, "This is Dubai turned into a pool after the rain. Nobody should say Dubai is better or more sophisticated than other countries. We can't cross to the other side because the street is flooded. This is Dubai! May they enjoy it."

This video gained widespread circulation and became a "trend" on social media. However, it also faced considerable criticism, prompting him to post an apology to the UAE on the same day. Despite his apology, the Emirati authorities took their stance, according to a relative named Mustafa Al-Jubouri.

Mustafa explained told us about the situation concerning Basim, stating that "Basim was visiting Dubai for tourism purposes, as he had made previous visits. However, on this visit, he criticized a natural negative situation after heavy rains flooded streets in Dubai. He criticized the situation spontaneously, mentioning that such rains flood streets not only in Iraq but also in Dubai."

He continued, "However, on the second day at 5 AM, security forces stormed the hotel where Basim was staying and arrested him. After contacting the Iraqi Embassy in Dubai, it was found that the issue, according to the lawsuit, was due to his offense against the UAE."

Furthermore, he mentioned that "the Iraqi Embassy in Dubai formed a team of lawyers, and we were informed that the lawsuit could result in a travel ban and a fine. His trial is scheduled for January 9, 2024."

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