Iraq's President Rashid condemns international apathy in Gaza, advocates for a ceasefire

Iraq's President Rashid condemns international apathy in Gaza, advocates for a ceasefire

Shafaq News/ Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid expressed "extreme disappointment" with the UK government's response to the war in Gaza, accusing it of "ignoring" the suffering of Palestinians.

In an interview with Sky News, Rashid considered "the Palestinian problem has become an international problem."

"The demonstrations on the streets of London and other places in the United Kingdom show that, even in the parliament, the argument is on ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, but the prime minister and the British government itself ignored all these requests - and they still continue in not recognizing the state of the Palestinian people." He said.

Rashid also criticized the United States, a key ally of the country, for utilizing its veto power in the UN Security Council to block a resolution calling for a ceasefire.

"They allow it to continue, and they make all sorts of excuses for the continuation of the suffering of the Palestinian people," he said.

"We in Iraq think genocide has been committed and human rights, and every aspect of them, has been abused - especially killing children…Some of the children are under one year old."

"What crime have they committed to be attacked by bombs, by tanks, by whatever means the attackers use on the Palestinian people?"

"We still don't know how many children have been killed in thousands - and the crimes... I don't think the international community in recent years has ever seen crimes like what has happened in Gaza." Rashid added.

The President emphasized that the situation in Gaza had far-reaching consequences worldwide, stating, "The Gaza problem has affected many countries, not only in the Middle East but even outside the region. It has impacted Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, the Red Sea, and international shipping…it has influenced the area's economic, commercial, and political landscape. We are deeply concerned, and until a comprehensive solution is achieved for a better future, the tension in the region will persist."

Expressing his concern, the President stressed the need for a ceasefire as the only way forward. He also proposed recognizing a Palestinian state for a long-term resolution. He stated, "Why don't you blame the people who don't push to impose a ceasefire? Because all the attacking armed groups say if you have a ceasefire, all the actions will stop, whether it's in Gaza, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, at sea, or on land. They [Israel] want to continue attacking Gaza, but everyone else just watches? I mean, that's not possible. The main thing that is really important is to have a permanent ceasefire and try to solve the Palestinian problem, giving them self-determination on their own land through their own state."

Regarding the recent US drone strike in the Iraqi capital, which resulted in the death of a senior commander of Kata'ib Hezbollah, the Iraqi President expressed to Sky News condemnation of these acts. At the same time, he vehemently denounced the Iran-backed armed groups operating in Iraq that have carried out numerous attacks against US troops stationed inside and near the country. "We condemn all these attacks, and we are not pleased with any attacks from Iraq or on Iraq," Rashid said.

Furthermore, the Iraqi President expressed his country's desire to establish "good" ties with the US, "Iraq wants to establish good relations with the United States, not only in military matters but also in economic, commercial, political, diplomatic, scientific, and cultural aspects."

Regarding the presence of the Global Coalition in Iraq, Rashid pointed out that the Iraqi government is working on understanding and setting a timetable for their presence, missions, and date of departure."

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