Iraq electricity problem: two governorates demand Al-Kadhimi to intervene

Iraq electricity problem: two governorates demand Al-Kadhimi to intervene

Shafaq News/ Wasit Governor Mohammed Jamil Al-Mayahi called on, in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, Al-Kadhimi to, "reconsider the administration of the Ministry of Electricity, given its inability to manage the electricity crisis."

He added, "This comes from our sense of responsibility before our citizens in light of the sharp rise in temperatures, with the absence of any logical solutions and only many futile justifications present."

Al-Mayahi stressed, "the necessity of dealing with the setback by providing electricity before it is too late and forming an operation room headed by the Prime Minister and the relevant authorities and involves specialized competencies in managing the crisis."

He continued, "one of the elements of the current problem is the lack of equitable distribution between the provinces. There is a discrepancy in the supply of some governorates at the expense of others due to the poor management of the Director-General of Central Control, who failed to perform his duties with professionalism and honesty."

For his part, the MP of Dhi Qar Governorate, Qusay Al-Yasiri, addressed the Prime Minister in an official letter, "Dhi Qar Governorate is suffering from a significant decrease in hours of electricity supply. The number of operating hours has become less than 8 intermittent hours, due to the reduction of the province's share by the Control Center from 1200 Megawatts to 1,100 megawatts."

He explained, "the share of the governorate is determined by 1350 MW", demanding al-Kadhimi's, "direct intervention to restore the full share of the governorate, while taking into account the special status of Nasiriyah."

The Ministry of Electricity, earlier today, Sunday, the energy shortage in the capital Baghdad and the rest of the provinces to, "the lack of budgets", as well as the delay in releasing gas fuels to run production plants. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi governorates, including the capital, Baghdad, suffer from electric energy shortage, which prompted citizens to use private generators.

Many observers refer to the problem of electricity to political and economic reasons, expecting the problem to continue for a long time.

Since 2003, the Ministry of Electricity has spoken every summer about its failure to meet the citizens' demand.

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