Ministry: 54,508 Iraqis visited Turkey in January 2024

Ministry: 54,508 Iraqis visited Turkey in January 2024

Shafaq News / The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism reported, on Tuesday, that the number of Iraqi visitors to Turkey in January 2024 was 54,508, a 12.11% decline from the same month in 2023, when there were 62,115 tourists.

However, this figure is higher than in 2022, when there were 50,024 Iraqi tourists.

According to the Ministry, Iraq topped the list of Arab countries in terms of tourist numbers, accounting for 2.66% of all tourists who visited Turkey in January.

Saudi Arabia ranked second with 38,813 tourists, Kuwait third with 26,017 tourists, Jordan fourth with 13,655 travelers, Morocco fifth with 13,082 tourists, the UAE sixth with 4,436 tourists, and Yemen seventh with 1,841 tourists.

Iraqi tourists have been increasingly visiting Turkey in recent years.

This trend is driven by various factors including improved diplomatic relations between the two countries, ease of travel, shared cultural ties, and Turkey's attractiveness as a tourist destination.

Iraqi tourists often visit popular Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara, where they explore historical sites, enjoy diverse cuisine, shop in bustling markets, and experience Turkey's vibrant culture.

Additionally, Turkey has made efforts to accommodate Iraqi tourists by offering services in Arabic and providing visa facilitation programs.

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