Iraq and Turkiye eye security agreement

Iraq and Turkiye eye security agreement

Shafaq News/ Baghdad and Ankara are exploring the possibility of a security agreement reminiscent of Iraq's existing accord with Iran, signaling a strategic move amid regional complexities, particularly in the Kurdistan Region, where PKK members operate.

A source familiar with the bilateral committee informed Shafaq News Agency that Iraq had finalized the draft of a security memorandum of understanding with Turkiye.

"This document, set for imminent discussions and potential signing, encompasses various critical issues between Baghdad and Ankara, notably addressing security concerns, border management, and the Kurdistan Workers' Party's activities." The source explained.

The Joint Supreme Security Committee between Iraq and Turkiye has held two meetings, emphasizing enhancing border security and cooperation.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein recently revealed ongoing discussions with Turkiye, extending beyond security to include water resources, economic ties, trade, and broader bilateral relations. He dismissed speculations of an extensive Turkish military operation within Iraqi borders against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Political analyst Saad Al-Budairi viewed this potential agreement as feasible with detailed deliberations, akin to Iraq's deal with Iran, albeit with nuanced differences.

"Iraq strategically pursues a comprehensive accord with Ankara covering security, economic, and political domains. Key objectives include securing water resources and the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Iraqi territories." He said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to visit Baghdad and Erbil. The visit will bolster bilateral ties between Iraq and Turkiye, including the Kurdistan Region.

The visit could help discuss many issues between the two neighboring countries, including the PKK presence in Iraq, the oil shipments from the Kurdistan Region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and the Development Road Project.

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