Expert Hails Iraq's New Trade Route as Threat to Israel's 'Peace Train' Project

Expert Hails Iraq's New Trade Route as Threat to Israel's 'Peace Train' Project

Shafaq News/An Egyptian expert on Monday dubbed the Iraq-led "development Road", extending through Jordan and Egypt towards Europe and the United States, as a "strong blow" to Israel's ambitious "Peace Train" project.

"The Iraq-Jordan-Egypt axis is designed to maximize port operations and boost trade by transporting goods from Iraq, Jordan, and the Gulf countries via land to Jordan's Aqaba Port, and then onwards to Taba in Egypt via ferries," said Abdullah Abu Khadra, a Professor of Road Engineering at Beni Suef University in Egypt, during an interview with Russian news site, RT Arabic.

Abu Khadra emphasized the strategic importance of the route for enabling the movement of Iraqi and Jordanian exports to the U.S. and Europe. 

He added, "an agreement has been struck with partners in the CMA Company for 'empty space' transportation on ships coming to the Port Said area. This highlights the pivotal role of the Arab trade route in bolstering Mediterranean ports, enhancing trade, and bridging the Arabian Sea."

The new route is expected to maintain fluidity of trade exchange, accommodate the growing volume of trade exchanges along the Aqaba-Nuweiba line linking Arabian Asia with Arabian Africa, and assist in preventing traffic congestion at ports during peak periods.

Egypt is concurrently working on the idea of extending a new railway line connecting Arish and Taba, and East Port Said, in preparation for the reconstruction of Sinai, which will facilitate freight and passenger transport, and promote tourism between East and West Sinai.

Abu Khadra continued, "The new line will help alleviate pressure on the roads and stimulate Egyptian ports on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Goods from Iraq, Jordan, and the Gulf countries will be transported through the Arab Trade Route, by ferries owned by Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan, and then the exports will be moved to America and European countries."

"The Arab Bridge Company, owned by Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan, represents a successful model of Arab partnership and plays a significant role in enhancing inter-Arab trade and increasing the volume of Arab-Asian-African trade exchanges," added Abu Khadra.

He concluded that "Economic integration between Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan is an incentive to attract investors and investments in the region, provide thousands of job opportunities in all three countries, and maximize the benefits of Egypt's unique geographical location, which will work to improve the Egyptian economy."

Egypt's Minister of Transport, Kamel El-Wazir, had previously announced the commencement of the "Arab Trade Route", in cooperation with Iraq and Jordan, via Egyptian ports.

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