Widespread Covid-19 vaccination not expected until mid-2021


Shafaq news/ The World Health Organization does not expect widespread vaccinations against Covid-19 until the middle of next year

“Widespread vaccinations against Covid-19 are not expected until the middle of next year, according to the World Health Organization, which has stressed the importance of rigorous checks on their effectiveness and safety.” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris,

“This phase 3 must take longer because we need to see how truly protective the vaccine is and we also need to see how safe it is,” said referring to vaccine clinical trials.

Many companies are racing to produce a vaccine against Covid-19, but most of these vaccines are still in the clinical trial stage, which means that it is not confirmed until today that one of them will be effective and safe.

Experts warn that the adoption of the same approach by capable countries will result in the non-implementation of the organization's strategy to combat the Corona pandemic globally in a fair manner.

"If that happens, it is very clear that there will not be sufficient quantities of the vaccine available to any other countries, especially during the first six or nine months," said Alex Harris, head of global policy at the health Wellcome Trust foundation.

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