USA returns to its previous travel advisory system

USA returns to its previous travel advisory system

Shafaq News / The USA lifted global advisories recommending American citizens to avoid international travel because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, the State Department said: “With health and safety conditions improving in some countries and potentially deteriorating in others, the department is returning to our previous system of country-specific levels of travel advice”.

“We continue to recommend U.S. citizens exercise caution when traveling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic”, it added.

While the United States remain closed for most travelers from the European Union, the majority of EU countries don’t allow US residents to travel to them.

The United States classified countries according to the risk level:

First degree:  such as Australia and Taiwan

Third degree: such as France, Great Britain, and Germany

Fourth degree: such as India.

Earlier, om March 19, Washington had called on Americans not to travel abroad for any reason.

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