US Republican on Palestinians: we should kill them all

US Republican on Palestinians: we should kill them all

Shafaq News/ US Republican Representative Andy Ogles told activists who were calling for a ceasefire that Washington should kill all Palestinians in Gaza.

An activist told Ogles, "I've seen the footage of shredded children's bodies… my taxpayer dollars that are going to bomb those kids."

"You know what? So, I think we should kill them all if that makes you feel better," Ogles responded.

"Hamas and the Palestinians have been attacking Israel for 20 years. It's time to pay the piper."

Experts have said that Ogles's response indicates the extent of the United States' responsibility for the crime of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

His remarks were posted on social media hours after the US vetoed a ceasefire resolution at the UN Security Council—the third time since October 7.

Israel's aggression in the Gaza Strip has killed more than 29,300 Palestinians since October 7, including 12,300 children, and injured about 70,000.

The war has displaced around 80% of the Palestinians in Gaza and left a quarter of the population starving, according to UN officials.

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