The Special Tribunal for Lebanon issues its final ruling

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon issues its final ruling

Shafaq News / The Special Tribunal for Lebanon announced its final ruling today, Tuesday, in the case of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, after 15 years of political controversy in the country.


The judges of the court, headed by Judge David Re, read a summary of the 2600 pages decision:

1-    Salim Ayyash is the main culprit of the crime and he was convicted of murder and committing a terrorist act in connection with the killing of Hariri and 21 others.

2-    The three defendants, Hasan Habib Merhi, Hussein Hassan Onaysi and Asad Hassan Sabra were acquitted.

3-    The first-degree chamber cannot be convinced that Mustafa Badr al-Din was the mastermind of Hariri assassination but it confirmed that he had the intention and carried out the necessary actions for the assassination.

4-    There is no evidence that the leadership of Hezbollah had a role in the assassination of Hariri, and there is no direct evidence of Syria's involvement.

5-    The penalty will be determined at a later time, and the court will continue its consideration of three other cases related to the Hariri case, which are the assassination attempt on Marwan Hamadeh and Elias Al-Murr, and the assassination of George Hawi.

6-    "Abu Adas" was not the one who carried out the assassination. Rather, the suicide bomber blew himself up. He was not identified and his identity remains unknown.

7-    The assassination of Hariri is a terrorist operation that was carried out for political purposes.

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