Russia calls the US citizens to "open their eyes" to know what their country support

Russia calls the US citizens to "open their eyes" to know what their country support

Shafaq News/ The Russian Ambassador to the United States commented on the US administration's decision on the new "package" of military assistance to Ukraine, saying the USA is increasingly drawn into the conflict.

"Washington continues to add fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian conflict. The allocation of an additional 1 billion dollars for these purposes confirms that the United States does not intend to listen to reason and is not going to contribute to a peaceful settlement of the crisis." Anatoly Antonov's told reporters.

"Against this background, the statements of the administration representatives that the supply of defense products will strengthen Kyiv's position at the "probable" negotiating table look especially cynical. It is unclear how one can, in principle, talk about dialogue in conditions when the only goal of the United States is to prolong the conflict as much as possible." He added.

"Washington's short-sighted steps create an illusion among unscrupulous figures in Kyiv about the possibility of "exhausting" Russia and winning on the battlefield. As a result, the number of victims of the adventurous policy of the ruling class of Ukraine is growing."

"The United States of America is increasingly drawn into the conflict, approaching a dangerous line in the confrontation with the Russian Federation. Such an approach will not do anything good for peace and security. It will only prolong the agony of the Ukrainian regime."

The Ambassador stressed that Russia, "states that the unrestrained pumping of Ukraine with weapons is increasingly causing concern in the United States itself. American experts, columnists of leading publications and ordinary citizens are wondering: how much help reaches its destination? There is a lot of evidence of fraudulent schemes during the transportation of defense products. This proves that it is becoming more difficult to hush up the pernicious aspects of military assistance to Kyiv. "

"Some of the American weapons still end up on the front line. Zelensky's militants carry out deadly strikes on residential areas of Donbass cities on a daily basis. And now they are also exposing whole Europe to extreme danger by attacking the Zaporozhye NPP. We hope that these facts will open the eyes of US citizens as soon as possible and they will understand whom exactly their country supports." Antonov added.

"Developing countries are watching Washington's policy in the Ukrainian direction with surprise and incomprehension. They ask a fair question: is it really so easy to throw into the void billions of dollars that could be spent on the economic and social demands of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Especially in the post-Covid period, when these regions most urgently need the funds and assistance from the leading economies of the world." He concluded.

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