KRC calls on UN to intervene and open border crossings with Syria


Shafaq News / The Kurdish red crescent in North Syria called for opening border crossings to help humanitarian aid and rescue teams reach the areas affected by the earthquakes that recently hit Syria.

Member of the Kurdish red crescent board, Ahmed Ibrahim, told Shafaq News agency that the recent earthquakes affected Syrian cities, especially the ones at the borders with Turkey, which prompted them to declare a state of emergency.

Ibrahim said that the red crescent has deployed centers, ambulancues, and tents in all cities of north and east Syria, and is operating 24 hours a day, noting that the teams are ready to assist in all cities across Syria. However, there is a lack of equipment and medicines because of the sanctions imposed on Syria and the closed border crossings.

"The Kurdish red crescent calls on the United Nations to intervene to open the border crossings, which will help humanitarian convoys pass, especially through al-Waleed, on the Syrian-Iraqi borders", he added.

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