Car bomb kills 6 in northern Syria

Car bomb kills 6 in northern Syria

Shafaq News/ An explosion Saturday killed at least four people in Afrin of northern Syria.

Sources told Shafaq News Agency that the explosion killed six people and injured 15 others, hitting an industrial area during the afternoon.

AP stated that a car bomb Saturday killed at least four people in a rebel-held town of northern Syria, opposition activists said explosion

Explosions in northern regions controlled by opposition fighters backed by neighboring Turkey have left scores of people dead or wounded over the past months.

Efrinnews 24, an activist collective that covers events in Afrin, said Saturday's blast killed four Turkey-backed opposition fighters and wounded others.

Shafaq News Agency’ sources added it’s the most massive blast this year.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitor, said the blast killed five, including two children, and wounded 15.

Turkey and allied Syrian fighters took control of Afrin in 2018 in a military operation that expelled local U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters and displaced tens of thousands of Kurdish residents.

Ankara considers the Kurdish fighters who were in control of Afrin a national security threat. Since then, there have been a series of attacks on Turkish targets in the area.

Source: Shafaq News Agency + AP

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