Biden's new gaffe: Called for NATO funding over aid to Ukraine

Biden's new gaffe: Called for NATO funding over aid to Ukraine

Shafaq News / President Joe Biden stumbled into a new gaffe when he intended to discuss a congressional project to fund Ukraine but instead mistakenly referred to a project to fund the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Biden's remarks to reporters came as he exited his motorcade, causing confusion as he called on Congress to pass legislation to fund NATO.

Under the aid package mentioned by the president, totaling $95 billion, $61 billion will be allocated to Ukraine, with the funding taking the form of military equipment.

In addition to Ukraine, the US will send aid to Israel, Gaza, and its allies in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region, including Taiwan.

Biden stated, "The idea that we would allow NATO to split is completely counter to the idea of the United States of America," noting that "what has been sent along the path back to Eisenhower contradicts our word and the forces we have sent."

Biden added, "So, it is time for Congress to return home and pass legislation funding NATO," considering it "extremely important."

This statement suggested that the president confused NATO with Ukraine, with this latest slip coming after a week filled with gaffes, amid calls from doctors for Biden to undergo a dementia test.

Biden's gaffes stir controversy on social media, especially following his comments on Hamas's response to the proposed agreement to release hostages from Gaza.

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