Behind the scenes of Saddam Hussein's trial: Egyptian lawyer reveals US influence on judges

Behind the scenes of Saddam Hussein's trial: Egyptian lawyer reveals US influence on judges

Shafaq News/ Egyptian lawyer Mohamed Moneib on Thursday unveiled events that transpired behind the scenes in a room designated for US advisors adjacent to the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Moneib, who served as Saddam's defense attorney, recounted his experiences during an interview with the Russian RT channel's "Qusara al-Qawl" program on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Moneib stated that despite the trial, Saddam was convinced he would be executed.

"I was not defending Iraq and its people, but rather myself and every Arab in the region from the Gulf to the Ocean," he said, "the fall of Baghdad was not aimed at Iraq but rather at perpetuating American control and tightening its grip on this nation, its people, its revolutions, and its political decision-making."

The attorney indicated that "the Americans occupied Iraq, plundered its wealth, killed its children, displaced its women, and executed Saddam."

Moneib revealed that during one of their visits, he asked Saddam how he thought the trial could end. Saddam replied, "The Americans have made a decision to end Iraq."

Moneib described Saddam as being perspicacious and convinced that he would be executed.

Moneib expressed his belief that "the American plan had set specific roles for itself in the region, including the overthrow of Baghdad and Damascus, which made Saddam's fall and execution inevitable," he added, "Of course, Saddam Hussein was a dictator who committed a grave mistake by invading Kuwait, an unforgivable historical sin. The decision to invade Kuwait was a trap set by the Americans, which led to the invasion of Iraq. Saddam committed heinous political crimes against his people. However, he deserved a trial. Only the Iraqi people had the right to prosecute Saddam, not the Americans."

"Behind the judicial platform, there was a door leading to the deliberation room, which was adjacent to the room of the American advisors. When we presented requests, the final judge responded," the lawmaker revealed, "From my perspective, he was not a judge but something else."

"He made a decision with us during the session, then entered the deliberation room to meet the advisors and later changed his decision," he continued, "we agreed on a date for the final argument session, but on the same day, we went to hear the verdict. The designated day for presenting the argument was the day the verdict was issued, and what made him change his decision were the American advisors."

Moneib opined that former U.S. President George W. Bush needed something to present to the American people before the elections. Thus, Saddam's execution became a sacrificial offering for them and a gift from Bush to the Americans in order to secure his re-election.

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