A seventh Iraqi died by shots to head in Al-Hol Camp


Shafaq News / The Internal Security Forces (Asayish) found, on Tuesday, the body of an Iraqi refugee in Al-Hol camp in the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency, this morning, Seif Abdul Ajel, 22, was found killed by shots to head and chest in Al-Hol Camp.

This is the seventh killing case among Iraqi refugees since the beginning of this March.

He indicated that “ISIS cells could be behind the killings’ operations.”

Al-Hol camp is located in Al-Hasakah Province; it houses families of ISIS fighters under the protection of the Kurdish-led administration in Syria's northeast.

The camp alone houses nearly 65,000 people, including about 28,000 Syrians, 30,000 Iraqis and some 10,000 other foreigners of many nationalities, according to U.N. estimates.

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