Erbil government announces the end of the gas crisis


Shafaq News / The local government in the Erbil governorate announced on Wednesday that the gas crisis had eased, and that the distribution and sale would return to normal as it was within a maximum of three days.

In a statement he made to reporters today, the Governor of Erbil Firsat Sofi said that there is no longer a problem that hinders the distribution of gas. Days ago, that substance arrived at Erbil stations.

He added that the agents started to distribute gas in the neighborhoods and districts of the governorate, pointing to escorting the police wheels to the distribution trucks to ensure that the gas reached the citizens smoothly and selling would not be above the fixed price.

Sofi added that even if the gas transfer and distribution process is accompanied by an obstruction, the gas shortage problem will end in a maximum of three days.

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