US is watching the anti-LGBTI campaign in al-Sulaymaniyah with concern


Shafaq News/ The US consulate in the capital of Kurdistan Region, Erbil, expressed on Saturday concern after the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in al-Sulaymaniyah arrested ten members of the LGBTI community in the governorate.

The US consulate's official account tweeted, "We are watching with concern the events in al-Sulaymaniyah that seem to be targeting members of the LGBTI community for arrest."

The Asayish in al-Sulaymaniyah launched a security campaign to eliminate prostitution in the governorate.

A press release of the Asayish Directorate said that it apprehended ten homosexual citizens over acts contrary to decency.

IraQueer, an Iraqi NGO dedicated to the rights of the Iraqi LGBTI community, denounced the deed, deeming it a flagrant violation of human rights that might put the LGBTI community in a vulnerable position, hinting that reports emerging about subjecting them to rectal examination are a violation to the integrity.

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