Turkish warplanes attack Kurdistan ‘Duhok

Turkish warplanes attack Kurdistan ‘Duhok

Turkish warplanes attack Kurdistan ‘Duhok

Shafaq News / Turkish warplanes attacked Jamanki area, Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan, a local government source said on Thursday.

The Source told Shafaq News Agency, that "today evening, Turkish aircrafts struck intensively tunnels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters between the villages of Birkat and Marani in Jamanki district.”

Earlier, a PKK official, Hiwa Zagros said to Shafaq News Agency Turkish warplanes attacked, today, a site in Kara Mountain, north of Duhok governorate which houses Turkish prisoners of the army, police and intelligence.

Zagros did not mention the losses of the PKK, "there is no Data in this regard, as the battles covered large areas of the Kara," he said.

“But nine of the Turkish army had been killed.”

Today, Turkey’s defence ministry stated that Two Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes with Kurdish fighters in Kara Mountain, Amadiya district, north of Duhok Governorate.

The Ministry said four other soldiers wounded in Kara clashes with PKK.

Yesterday, the Turkey launched Operation Claw-Tiger 2 against the Kurdish militant group.

It was carried out to “neutralize the PKK and other terrorist elements from northern Iraq” to ensure security along the Turkish-Iraqi border, the ministry said.

The Turkish military has regularly attacked rebel positions of PKK in the mountains of northern Iraq, where several thousand militants are believed to be holed up.

PKK is designated a terrorist group by Ankara, the European Union and United States.

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