Turkish drone result in 20 victims

Turkish drone result in 20 victims

Shafaq News / A security source said that 20 people, including two officers in the Iraqi Border Guards police, were killed on Tuesday, as a result of the Turkish shelling north of Erbil.

The source told Shafaq News agency, that the attack, which occurred via a Turkish drone, left 20 people dead, 5 of the border guards, 10 of PKK fighters and 5 civilians.

The source added that General Muhammad Rashid,

commander of the Second Brigade, and General Zubair Hali, commander of the third regiment in the Iraqi Border Guards are among the killed.


For its part, the Security Media Cell said in a statement received by our agency that "a Turkish drone attack targeted a military vehicle of border guards in Sidekan and caused the death of two commanders, the driver and others."

It’s noteworthy that the Turkish bombardment targeted a meeting between the PKK and the border guards’ police.

Since mid of June, Turkey launched several attacks claiming that it aims Kurdistan Workers Party militants.

The attacks resulted deaths and damages in the border villages in Kurdistan Region and were condemned by Kurdistan Regional Government, and the Federal Government summoned the ambassador of Turkey in Baghdad several times for this reason.



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