President Barzani called to compensate the first chemical attack victims in Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, called the Iraqi government to compensate the victims of the attack carried out by the former Regime against Kurds.

"We pay tribute to the souls of the martyrs, we remember them with pride, and may God have mercy upon their souls." President Barzani said on Twitter.

He called on the federal government to compensate the families of the bombing's victims.

In 1987, Saddam Hussein's Regime bombarded the areas of Wadi Balisan, the villages of Sheikh, Sanan, and Wadi Khoshnawati with chemical weapons, killing more than 260 and wounding more than 620 civilians, including women and children.

The Regime used the poisonous mustard gas and cyanide for the first time in this attack, and in 1988 the chemical gases were used again in Halabja and other cities and villages of the Kurdistan Region, leaving thousands of victims.

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