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KRG assembles a team to pursue legal suits involving Kurdistan before the Supreme Federal Court 

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Date: 2021-10-13T15:23:05+0000
KRG assembles a team to pursue legal suits involving Kurdistan before the Supreme Federal Court 

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) convened today, Wednesday, under the auspices of Prime Minister Masrour.

At the opening of the meeting, PM Barzani offered congratulations to the people of Kurdistan and the winning parties in the Iraqi parliamentary election and expressed gratitude to the Peshmerga forces and the security forces for securing a safe and peaceful environment go to the polls.

A readout issued by KRG said that PM Barzani called on the Kurdistan parties represented in the Iraqi parliament to join hands to defend the entitlements and constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan, expressing the government's willingness to cooperate with any representative of the Region in the Iraqi legislature body to achieve this quest.

The Prime Minister commended the steadfastness of the Kurdish communities outside the Jurisdiction of the KRG and congratulated the Kurdish candidates who secured seats there, urging them to spare efforts to execute Article 140 of the constitution.

Afterward, the Minister of Natural Resources, Kamal Atrusi, presented a report on the hurdles impeding the implementation of the cabinet's resolutions to secure Kerosene and Gasoline in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Oil.

A report about reforms and reorganizing the incomes of the Regional Government was presented by the head of KRG's Coordination and Follow up department, Abdul-Hakim Khasro. The report, according to KRG's statement, included recommendations to the relevant ministries.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the cabinet appointed the Minister of Justice Farsat Ahmad, the Region's Minister for Parliament Affairs Vala Fareed, the President of the Diwan of the Council of Ministers Umed Sabah, and the Cabinet Secretary Amanj Raheem to follow up with the legal procedures in which KRG is involved before the Supreme Federal Court.