Four Kurdish parties reveal to KDP their approach regarding elections


Shafaq News / Member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau, Jotiar Nouri, revealed that four parties, including the PUK, have sent a letter to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in which they explained their approach regarding the Parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region.

Nouri said in press statements that the meeting held between the PUK and the KDP yesterday, Saturday, discussed all the pending differences and files, noting that a similar meeting will be held soon.

He added that the PUK, the Gorran movement, the Kurdistan justice group, and the Kurdistan Islamic Union, have revealed their point of view regarding the elections in a letter addressed to the KDP.

Last week, a member of the KDP political bureau, Hiwa Ahmed, said in press statements, "this year shall not end before the elections are held", noting, "the Parliamentary blocs can amend the electoral law accordingly."

For his part, a member of the Gorran movement, Mohammed Qardo, said that the only way to address the current situation in the Region is by holding elections.

Saadi Bireh, a member of the political bureau of the PUK, stressed the need to determine four electoral districts to hold the elections, and adopt the Iraqi Higher Commission for elections' electoral lists.

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