Duhok to take actions against COVID-19 violators


Shafaq News / Duhok Operations chamber to confront COVID-19 confirmed on Monday that its specialized committees will take actions against those who hold gatherings and violate the preventive measures.

 The Deputy Governor of Duhok, Majid Sayed Saleh, said in a press conference after a meeting of Duhok's Operations chamber, "the competent committees responsible for the implementation of health directives regarding the virus spread prevention continue their work in following up sites of gatherings such as malls, cafeterias, restaurants and other sites".

 He explained, "the implementation of the new directives, whether at the border crossings, regarding the entry of foreigners, as well as the internal procedures, will be in light of the decisions of the Supreme Committee to confront Coronavirus in Kurdistan Region".

Sayed Saleh added, "measures will be taken against all those owners who violate the measures", noting that, "the number of people who caught Coronavirus in Dohuk exceeded 20,000, half of them are receiving treatment at home".

 Sayed Saleh warned of "the danger of the infected people who wander around in public places without  quarantining themselves", calling on citizens "to take precautions, abide by health guidelines and stay away from gatherings".

 It is noteworthy that committees were formed at the district and sub-district levels to follow up on the implementation of prevention measures, in addition to forming 10 committees in Duhok governorate center.

 Yesterday, Sunday, Dohuk Governorate recorded 322 cases and three deaths from the complications of the virus, according to a statement of the Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Region.

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