Duhok International Film Festival gears up for tenth edition with over 100 global films

Duhok International Film Festival gears up for tenth edition with over 100 global films

Shafaq News/ The tenth edition of the Duhok International Film Festival is set to captivate audiences in Duhok, Kurdistan Region, spanning eight days and featuring the participation of over 100 films from various corners of the world.

The festival, supported by the Kurdistan Regional Government, is scheduled to take place from December 9 to 16 under the theme "Kurdish Language."

Renowned Kurdish film critic Mansour Jihani revealed in an interview with Shafaq News Agency that the festival, headed by artist Amir Ali Muhammad Taher and directed by Kurdish film artist Shawkat Amin Korki, will showcase a diverse selection of films, including documentaries and short films. This year, the festival will emphasize French cinema.

Jihani highlighted that the festival will present films in both competitive and non-competitive categories. Screenings will be held at the "Conkara" conference hall at the University of Duhok and the "Duhok Mall" cinema complex in Duhok.

Festival President Amir Ali Muhammad Taher expressed the strategic commitment of the Directorate of Culture and Youth in the Kurdistan Regional Government to maintain the festival as an annual tradition. The goal is to introduce Kurdish culture and art to a global audience while providing a platform for emerging Kurdish filmmakers to showcase their work to international guests.

Taher acknowledged the significant contribution of Duhok Governor Ali Tatar, who has allocated the budget for managing the festival's tenth edition. The festival aims to celebrate the vibrant Kurdish culture and nurture a thriving artistic community.

The Department of Culture and Arts in Duhok Governorate has completed preparations to host the festival, with 115 diverse foreign and Kurdish films participating. French cinema will be the guest of honor, featuring ten films in public screenings and competition segments.

Hassan Arif, spokesman for the Duhok Culture Department, revealed that the festival's theme this year revolves around the "mother language." Dialogues and seminars on this topic will be integral to the festival, emphasizing the importance of linguistic diversity.

Arif highlighted positive changes for this year's festival, including a dedicated section for children's films and screenings of Kurdish classic films. The festival received over 500 film submissions via online channels and selected 100 films across feature films, short films, and documentaries for the final lineup.

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