Duhok: Displacement camps will not be closed unless it is safe for the displaced to repatriate


Shafaq News / The governor of Dohuk, Ali Tatar, stressed on Tuesday that the local government would not close any displacement camp prior to maintaining security and stability for the displaced people in their hometowns.

Tatar said in a statement to reporters today during his tour to displacement camps in the governorate, "Kurdistan Regional Government considers the displaced people as brothers," stressing that providing their life requirements is mainly KRG's responsibility.

The governor called on the United Nations Mission for Iraq and the federal government to provide aid, especially fuel, for the displaced people, especially in Winter.

On the closure of the displacement camps in Sinjar district, according to the Erbil-Baghdad agreement, Tatar said, "It is impossible to close any camp unless the terms of the agreement mentioned above are implemented. For the displaced people to leave, it must be stable and safe for them in their hometowns."

According to KRG's Media and Information Department, the number of displaced people in the region increased from 729,940 in August to 737,365 in September.

In the middle of last October, the federal government started a plan to close all the displacement camps in the country over three stages, the last of which would be in the Kurdistan Region.

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