Barzani and Guterres discuss developments in Iraq and Kurdistan


Shafaq News / The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, discussed the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, on Thursday.

According to a statement from the Region's presidency, Barzani received Guterres, in Erbil where they discussed the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, as well as the relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and the steps and dialogues of both sides to address the problems, the federal government's action plan and the situation in Sinjar.

The statement explained that during the meeting, Barzani provided an overview of the basis and agreement for forming the Iraqi federal government and its action plan, indicating that there are positive conditions between Erbil and Baghdad to address the problems. He noted that it is expected from the Prime Minister of Iraq to be serious in implementing the government's action plan, and appreciating the role of the United Nations in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressed his pleasure at the steps taken in the talks between Erbil and Baghdad and the support of the United Nations for efforts to resolve the problems between them.

In another axis of the meeting, the elections in the Kurdistan Region were discussed, where President Barzani confirmed that as the head of the Region, he will determine the date for holding the elections during his legal term, stressing that the elections will be held this year.

The statement also noted that the two sides agreed on the necessity and importance of implementing the agreement between the federal government and the regional government regarding the normalization of the situation in Sinjar, in order to be a driving force and pave the way for the return of the displaced Yazidis to their areas and reconstruction.

Regarding the internal situation in the Kurdistan Region, the Secretary-General of the United Nations affirmed that addressing internal problems and uniting the political parties would strengthen the Kurdistan Region's position at the level of Iraq and the world.

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