Washington asks Baghdad and Ankara to negotiate

Washington asks Baghdad and Ankara to negotiate

Shafaq news/ On Wednesday, the United States called on Turkey and Iraq to negotiate to resolve all disputes related to the presence of PKK in northern Iraq, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization.

"We would like Turkey and Iraq to work together to resolve concerns about the presence of the PKK in northern Iraq. It is important to respect Iraqi sovereignty, but it is also important to recognize Turkey's special security interests," said US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq, David Copley, during a briefing.

The American diplomat explained, "The best way to solve all these problems is for the two sides to work together. I hope that we can play some role in strengthening this position so that it leads to stability and meets the interests of both sides."

Turkish warplanes penetrated, late on Tuesday night, Iraqi airspace, and carried out strikes that resulted in civilian casualties in Sinjar district, west of Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq.

On Tuesday, August 11th, a bombing carried out by Turkey with a drone in the "Sayed Kan" region in the north of the country killed two commanders, and the driver of the military vehicle.

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Turkey in Baghdad, Fatih Yildiz, on Wednesday, August 14, on the background of what it described as "the continuous violations of the Turkish army, including: the recent bombing by a drone that affected the Sidekan area of ​​Erbil Governorate.”

The memorandum, which was delivered by the Undersecretary of the Ministry Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashem to the Turkish ambassador, held the latter's government responsible for this sinful attack, and demanded the Turkish side to clarify its circumstances and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Angry Arab and international reactions continued, denouncing the Turkish violation, as the Arab ministers affirmed their countries' full support for the security and sovereignty of Iraq, and condemned the Turkish attacks, calling for the immediate cessation of any Turkish military operations on Iraqi lands.

In the past years, Turkish forces have carried out intensive operations against PKK, whom they consider terrorists, in both Iraq and Syria, saying that this comes in response to attacks launched or planned by elements of the Kurdistan Workers Party, which Turkey has been fighting for nearly four decades inside the country and beyond.

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