US confirms Iraqi rocket attack on Syrian base

US confirms Iraqi rocket attack on Syrian base

Shafaq News / The US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed on Tuesday that the "Kharab al-Jeer" base in Syria was subjected to a missile strike from Iraqi territories launched by armed factions two days ago.

CENTCOM stated that 15 rockets of 122mm caliber were fired from Iraq on the third Sunday of December towards the landing area of the "Rumailan" American base in Syria.

According to the statement, there were no injuries to personnel or damages to equipment.

The Joint Operations Command - Operation Inherent Resolve identified the strike's point and transferred the location to Iraqi security forces, who investigated the site. They discovered a modified fuel truck capable of launching up to 20 rockets.

On the same Sunday, a security source informed Shafaq News Agency of rocket launches from the Rabia area west of Mosul towards Syrian territories, coinciding with reports indicating the targeting of a US base in Syria.

Concurrently, the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" announced on the same day the targeting of the "Kharab al-Jeer" US base northeast of Syria with a "barrage of rockets."

In this context, Al Mayadeen, close to the "Resistance" factions, reported hearing several explosions inside the Global Coalition base at Kharab al-Jeer Airport north of Hasakah.

Al Mayadeen quoted sources mentioning that "the Resistance factions targeted Kharab al-Jeer Airport with seven rocket shells without information on the extent of the losses."

It continued by stating, "The targeting occurred after military cargo planes landed inside the base carrying logistical equipment and weapons to US bases in Syria."

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, commented on the strike that targeted members of the "Al-Nujaba" movement, one of the armed Shiite factions, resulting in the death of five of them.

The Ambassador, in a post on "X", stated, "Accurate information is important. Resending recent statement on military action in self-defense against militias responsible for attacks against Iraqi bases hosting US and Coalition personnel."

On the evening of the third Sunday of December, a security source informed Shafaq News Agency of at least five casualties in a US airstrike targeting the headquarters of an armed faction in Iraq.

The source stated that "it has not been determined yet whether the strike was by a drone or an aerial missile, and the exact location of the strike remains unclear." Preliminary information indicated five casualties as the initial toll.

Later, Al-Nujaba movement, led by Akram al-Kaabi, confirmed that "five members of the movement were killed in a US airstrike in Kirkuk."

CENTCOM had confirmed yesterday, Monday, that forces assigned to the Joint Operations Command - Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) were with five armed individuals preparing to launch an armed drone in a specific direction.

"It responded defensively with an armed US unmanned aerial system, resulting in the killing of all five armed individuals and the destruction of the drone."

It noted that Iraqi security forces were informed of the strike and responded to the site, confirming the deaths of the armed individuals and the destruction of the drone.

It is noteworthy that Shiite armed factions have escalated their attacks on military bases of the US-led Global Coalition forces in Iraq and Syria after the events of October 7th in Palestine.

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