Toll of PMF headquarters bombing in Baghdad rises to 3 casualties

Toll of PMF headquarters bombing in Baghdad rises to 3 casualties

Shafaq News / An authoritative security source along with a medical source reported on Thursday a rise in casualties resulting from the airstrike that targeted the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) headquarters east of Baghdad, reaching three fatalities and six wounded individuals.

Both sources informed Shafaq News Agency that the condition of some wounded individuals remains critical, while stability has been observed in others.

Additionally, the Al-Nujaba movement, an Iraqi armed faction, declared in a statement on Thursday the killing of Mushtaq Taleb Al-Sa'idi (Abu Taqwa), the assistant commander of Baghdad's Belt Operations with the PMF, due to a "treacherous" American airstrike on the logistical support headquarters in the capital, Baghdad.

In response, the Baghdad Belt Operations Command of the PMF mourned "Commander Abu Taqwa Al-Sa'idi due to a heinous American aggression."

Earlier today, an Iraqi police source had stated the death of the military official within the Al-Nujaba movement, known as "Abu Taqwa," along with one of his associates, in an aerial bombardment targeting a headquarters of the PMF in eastern Baghdad.

The source detailed to Shafaq News Agency that Abu Taqwa and his companion, identified as "Abu Sajjad," were targeted in their vehicle upon entering the headquarters on Palestine Street, resulting in immediate fatalities.

The casualty toll due to the airstrike rose to six wounded individuals, including a PMF intelligence officer.

Previously during the day, a responsible security source mentioned an unidentified aerial drone strike targeting a Popular Mobilization Forces headquarters east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The source informed Shafaq News Agency that the logistical support headquarters of the 12th Brigade of the Al-Nujaba within the vicinity of the Iraqi Police College in eastern Baghdad had been struck by an unidentified drone.

The leader of the Al-Nujaba movement, one of the prominent Shiite armed factions, had urged Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani the previous evening to take a "bold" and clear stance by sending a message to Washington to end American presence in Iraq, warning of an "unprecedented escalation" if the withdrawal was refused.

Earlier today, a military spokesperson for the Iraqi Armed Forces' Commander-in-Chief squarely blamed the United States-led international coalition for the airstrike targeting the PMF headquarters in Baghdad, attributing the attack to "terrorist acts."

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